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Thimeo stereo tool как удалить

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Thimeo Stereo Tool 10.11 Звуковой процессор Multi-функцииThimeo Stereo Tool 10.11

Thimeo Stereo Tool

Скачать Thimeo Stereo Tool 10 — Звуковой процессор на основе программного обеспечения, обеспечение качества, превосходный звук и поставляется с множеством уникальных функций

Thimeo Stereo Tool:

Stereo Tool является звуковой процессор на основе программного обеспечения, обеспечение качества, превосходный звук и поставляется с множеством уникальных функций. Она используется более чем 1500 радиостанций FM-диапазона, от станции небольшие местные станции 50 — 100 кВт и общенациональную сеть с десятками генераторы, тысячи радиостанций онлайн и многие радио DAB +, HD видео, Am и телевизор. Stereo Tool можете делать записи, равны и последовательны в громкость звука и цвета, подчеркнуть детали и увеличить стерео эффект есть. Он может отремонтировать стерео изображения «битые» часто происходят на кассетах, виниле и CD, что зачастую вызывает хаос, когда играл в меню система звука наушники или система расширения стерео.


Stereo Tool — звуковой процессор, многофункциональный

Stereo Tool специальная поддержка для радио: выход гораздо больше, подчеркнул Прежде чем FM, аудио кодирования, ну и RDS кодирование для FM-радио и защите максимумов против искажения, вызванные потерей компрессии для веб-радио. Обработка задержка может быть уменьшена до 12 мс, за счет меньшей точности. На максимальное качество, управляемость задержка составляет 93 МС.

Плагин Stereo Tool предназначены для Winamp, телеведущий Сэм, программа radioboss, MediaMonkey, AIMP и других программ, поддерживающих этот DSP плагин для Winamp.

Другие особенности Stereo Tool

  • Исправить аудио вырезать
  • Удалить искажения, восстановить динамику
  • Улучшить звук в файл сжатие потерей тип файла MPEG2 / MP3-плеер
  • Удалить звук не меняется не нужные, такие как шум, 50/60 Гц кабель плохой
  • Выбрать дополнительное оборудование, чтобы расширить звук
  • Уровни звука до 140% при уровне модуляции 100%
  • Обеспечить более пробелов на 2-3 дБ для высоких
  • Давайте-самый большой и чистейший на количество!
  • Совместим со всеми приемниками
  • Кодер стерео и RDS интегрированный РТ + поддержка и пульт дистанционного управления.

Stereo Tool

Buy a license

Stereo Tool is a software-based audio processor which offers outstanding audio quality and comes with many unique features. It is used by over 3000 FM stations ranging from small local stations to 50-100 kW stations and nation-wide networks with dozens of transmitters, thousands of streaming stations and many DAB+, HD, AM and TV stations. It can be used for both live and file based processing.

Beside performing traditional audio processing, Stereo Tool can also repair many common audio problems on the fly, and optimize outgoing audio for better FM reception. A full list of features can be found below on this page.

How do I use it?

Stereo Tool can be used like any hardware audio processor, where the input comes from a sound card input and the output is sent to a sound card output and/or stream. For this, you will typically need the stand alone version of Stereo Tool.

Alternatively, Stereo Tool can run inside most playout or streaming software. Depending on what your software support, you will need to download one of the VST or DSP plugins for that. If your playout or streaming software doesn’t support audio processing plugins, you can instead route audio through the stand alone version via programs such as VB Cable or Virtual Audio Cable.

Scroll down for more information about these usage types.

What license do I need?

There are several licenses for Stereo Tool, ranging from very cheap licenses for hobby users to more expensive licenses for large broadcast networks with dozens or hundreds of stations. A description of what the different features do can be found here. Some features are free for home use.

Thimeo Touts Processing Tools

Thimeo, Stereo Tool, software audio processors

UDEN, Netherlands Netherlands-based Thimeo Audio Technology is putting focus on its Thimeo Stereo Tool audio processor and Thimeo WatchCat file-based processing utility.

The company says its Stereo Tool can be used for almost anything the software can process FM, AM and all digital formats, both live and file-based, and can run as a plug-in in many playout programs. Stereo Tool can generate any type of sound, adds Thimeo, from open and dynamic to dense and squashed, without causing distortion or listener fatigue.

When used for FM, Stereo Tool, which includes a stereo and RDS encoder, is designed to generate a signal that’s “extremely loud, dynamic and clean,” while simultaneously improving reception in fringe and multipath areas, the company says. In addition to its audio processing functions, the company says its Stereo Tool can also repair potential issues, such as digital clipping, lossy compressor artifacts and disturbing tones. For low bitrate streams, the cleaned-up audio reduces low bitrate artifacts, allowing for improved sound at the same bitrate, or the same quality at a lower bitrate.

Thimeo Audio Technology also offers Thimeo WatchCat, a file-based processing utility. WatchCat is able to convert, process and normalize files to RMS, LKFS, or peak level.

Thimeo WatchCat can “watch” folders and process anything that’s placed in them automatically, or files can be dropped onto it. Custom scripting is available to perform actions for all files, and for example to process video files.

Публикация участника Marc Herrmann

I am extremely proud to announce this collaboration with Thimeo Audio Technology B.V., bringing Stereo Tool to our new flagship XD3. It‘s one step closer to bringing the best one-stop solution to our customers! ��

2 мес. Отредактировано

We have chosen IBC 2023 as the venue for the introduction of a high capacity quad-core version of our established XD3 IP Core. Scheduled for introduction on DHD stand 8.B73, the quad-core-equipped XD3 IP Core is designed for use with mixing systems incorporating up to 96 stereo audio faders in broadcast studio environments, plus 10,240 x 12,288 channel routing. For the newly added quad core CPU XD3, DHD has teamed up with Thimeo Audio to bring the latter’s renowned Stereo Tool audio processing software as an integrated option right into the system. Already in use by over 3,000 broadcast stations around the world and thousands of streaming stations, Stereo Tool incorporates a wide range of production tools. These include the ability to repair audio distortion, hum remover, dynamics filters and enhancers and audio processing. Cores form the heart of every DHD system by processing all the audio as well as connecting control surfaces. They also perform input/output routing and interfacing with the outside world. IP audio feeds as well as IP-connected remote device control can be closely integrated. Automated workflows and product virtualisation are also supported. XD3 IP Core connectivity options available include Audinate Dante, AES67/RAVENNA, AES3/EBU, Gigabit Audio, APC, MADI and analogue. XD3 IP Core processors can be operated individually or as a fully synchronous main and standby pair including seamless switching between power sources. XD3 Quad Core is capable of running Stereo Tool as a fully integrated stereo HD audio processor controlled via DHD Web Apps. This enables customers to play out directly from their XD3 core, without the need for external audio processing. Stereo Tool is included as a demo version within DHD’s latest-generation Version 10.2 firmware which is also being introduced at IBC 2023. Licenses are then sold separately by Thimeo Audio.

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